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Registration at the National Register in Denmark

The National Register ('Folkeregisteret') is the central register for all residents in Denmark. Foreign nationals are considered Danish residents when staying in Denmark for more than three months. All registered residents receive a personal registration number (cpr-number).

As one of the first things you must do when you are arrived in Odense, is to go to the local national registry
When you register on the national register, you will be prompted to choose a practitioner, and it may be a good idea to ask a Danish friend - if you have one - whether he/she can recommend one.
Personal identification number that you receive also acts as your health insurance number. Read more about health insurance here.

You will find the local National Registry at the Citizen Service Center. Remember to bring your passport and your residence permit (usually stamped in the passport).

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If you change your address during your stay in Denmark, the National Register must be notified no later than five days after you have moved. Also inform the post office as your mail then automatically will be transferred to your new address for six months after moving.

When you leave Denmark, you must notify the National Register no later than five days prior to your departure.